Seerat Bath

Board Member

I want to be involved in the Advisory Board because I am very interested in the work that the Asian and Asian American Studies Institute is doing with the State Department of Education to collaboratively build a new set of resources and lessons to teach the history and culture of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. As a daughter of Asian immigrants myself, this goal is incredibly important to me because Asian culture has been a very important influence in my life and yet I found myself struggling to connect with it because of a lack of representation in what we were taught in most of our classes. Even though Farmington has a large Asian population, it struck me that this representation was not as apparent. This is why the work of the Asian American Student Union inspired me, especially as we worked on planning events for AAPI Heritage Month and various other activities throughout the year to not only engage the Asian American community, but reach other communities as well. I hope to continue doing this with the Advisory Board and expand the efforts.

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