India Studies Minor and Plan of Study

India Studies Minor

NOTE: Administration of the India Studies Minor has been moved to the Asian and Asian American Studies Institute in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. For more information, contact Director Jason Oliver Chang at his email, or his phone at (860) 486-5717.


India has an ancient culture and an enormous body of literature that goes back 3000 years. Today India is the world’s tenth largest economy and an emerging information technology superpower. Six major religions are practiced in India and there are fifteen official languages. India is a patchwork of ethnicities. It is the second most populous country in the world and the largest democracy. India provides an excellent case study for all the global issues that confront the world today. Both traditional and contemporary aspects are covered.

Plan-of-Study updated

Completion of a minimum of (15) fifteen credits at the 2000-level or above is required, including at least 3 courses from Group A. Any remaining credits can be completed in Group B courses, INDS courses, or any independent study that focuses on India (approved by coordinator of India Studies).

The India Studies minor requires one of the following:

  1. The completion of INDS 4296 Thesis (or)
  2. The completion of any thesis focusing on India and approved by the Coordinator of India Studies (or)
  3. Participation in an approved, credit-bearing Study Abroad program in India (or)
  4. An approved independent study which is completed in India

Also recommended are appropriate 1000-level and above courses that provide an introduction to the advanced courses, such as PHIL 1106. Students are strongly encouraged (although not required) to take an Indian language course in the Critical Languages program.

NOTE: Completion of a minor requires that a student earn a C (2.0) or better in each of the required courses for that minor. A maximum of 3 credits towards the minor may be transfer credits of courses equivalent to University of Connecticut courses. Substitutions are not possible for required courses in a minor.

Group A: Core Courses (3 required)

_____ HIST 3812 (also AASI 3812)
Modern India
_____ POLS 3472/3472W
South Asia in World Politics
_____ SOCI 3222 (also AASI 3222)
Asian Indian Women: Activism and Social Change in India and the United States
_____ PHIL 3263
Oriental Philosophy and religion
_____ ENGL 3320
Literature and Culture of India
_____ INDS 3210
Ancient and Classical Indian literature in Translation
_____ ART 3375
Contemporary Indian Art and Popular Culture
_____ ENGL 4301 (when offered as South Asia topic and approved by India Studies Advisor)

Group B: Electives

_____ SOCI 3701/3701W
The Developing World
_____ POLS 3216/3216W
Women and Development
_____ ECON 3473/3473W
Economic Development
_____ ARE 3255
Role of Agriculture in Development
_____ ENG 2301/2301W
World Literature in English
_____ INDS 3298
Variable Topics
_____ INDS 3295
Special Topics
_____ INDS 3299
Independent Study

_____ Independent Study in another Department
*India Studies Coordinator Approval Required

Additional Requirement: choose one

_____ Thesis: INDS 4296 (or)

_____ Thesis supervised in another department
*India Studies Coordinator Approval Required (or)

_____ Study Abroad: INDS 3293 or completion of (at least 3 credits) study abroad program in India (or)

_____ Completion of an independent study in India (at least 3 credits)
*India Studies Coordinator Approval Required

Consent and Approvals

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Jason Chang, Director, Asian and Asian American Studies Institute in CLAS