2016 Asian American History and Culture Prize Winners

The Asian and Asian American Studies Institute and the Asian American Cultural Center are pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 Prize in Asian American History and Culture

Ziael Aponte First PrizeZIAEL APONTE, First Prize and $250 for his digital illustration

“Music Makes a World”

Kimberly Vetel Second PrizeKIMBERLY VETEL, Second Prize and $150 for her screen print on fabric/sewing


BRYAN GUERRA, Third Prize and $75 for 1960s-inspired Fillmore-style poster

“Revolutionary Art”









This year’s competition also recognizes HENG ZHANG with Honorable Mention. The 27 resulting art projects showcase a variety of materials and approaches that underscore the political and cultural force and creativity to inspire.

The Institute and Center are indebted to Visiting Associate Professor in Art and Art History Rossitza Skortcheva Donesky for guiding the participants through the challenge of primary research, with support from the Dodd Center’s Curator for Multimedia Collections Kristin Eshelman.

About the Prize in Asian American History and Culture

Awarded every other year by the Asian and Asian American Studies Institute since 1999, the Prize encourages all University of Connecticut undergraduates, regardless of major, semester standing or enrollment in Asian American Studies courses, to submit a project based on primary research conducted at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center. The total amount of the biennial prize is usually $500. The winner is announced at the close of Spring Semester.

Contact the Asian/Asian American Studies Institute for more information about the Prize for students and the Research Fellowship for faculty and independent researchers.