Catherine Masud

Affiliated Faculty

Catherine Masud is Assistant Professor-in-Residence in Human Rights Documentary Filmmaking (from August 2021). She holds a joint appointment with the Digital Media and Design Department under the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Human Rights Institute at UConn. She is also an internationally award-winning filmmaker and spent much of her filmmaking career in Bangladesh. Thematically, many of her films address economic and social justice issues, war and genocide, and the conflict between religious and cultural identity. She also has a special research interest in the way human rights archives can be used in teaching and storytelling, and is currently completing a Digital Archives Specialist (DAS) Certificate from the Society of American Archivists. In addition to her teaching work, while at UConn Catherine has engaged in special documentary projects involving the University’s Thomas J. Dodd Nuremberg Collections, the Armenian Memory Project, and a tribute project on human rights scholar Wiktor Osiatyński. She holds an MFA in Film from the Vermont College of Fine Arts and a BA in Development Studies from Brown University. 

Contact Information
Phone+1 860 859 1760