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Meina Cai NEAAS at UConn Panel

NEAAS Conference at UConn-Storrs / Land and Development in China / Organized by AAASI Core Faculty Meina Cai

Land and Development in China Panel

Pictured Left to Right: Nick Smith, Julia Chuang, Meina Cai, and Jia-Ching Chen

Panel presentations as follows:

  • Meina Cai (University of Connecticut), “State, Society, and Rural Development: The Political Economy of Land-Grab Compensation in China”
  • Julia Chuang (Brown University), “Urbanization Through Dispossession: Survival and Stratification in China’s New Townships”
  • Jia-Ching Chen (Brown University), “China’s Environmental State: Rural Land Enclosures and the Construction of Ecological Resources”
  • Nick R. Smith (Harvard University), “Rural China’s Unfunded Mandate: Land Collectivization, Land Financialization, and the Future of Rural Development”.