Course Offerings

Fall 2018

2030. Art, Politics, and Propaganda

(Also offered as ARTH 2030.) Three credits.

Asian art and propaganda in the Cold War era (1949-1991) and its relation to Europe, the Soviet Union, and the United States. May include analysis of visual arts, film, photography, and multimedia.

3201. Introduction to Asian American Studies

(Also offered as AMST 3201.) Three credits. Prerequisite: Open to juniors or higher. Machida

A multidisciplinary introduction to major themes in Asian American Studies. Concepts of identity and community, migration and labor histories, Asians and the law, representations of Asians in visual and popular culture, gender issues, interracial and interethnic relations, and human rights. CA 1. CA 4. Schund-Vials

3212. Asian American Literature

(Also offered as ENGL 3212.) Three credits. Prerequisite: ENGL 1010 or 1011 or 2011; open to juniors or higher. Chow

Literature, theatre, film about Asian American communities and culture in the United States from the mid-nineteenth century to the present. CA 4.

3220. Asian American Art and Visual Culture

(Also offered as ARTH 3020.) Three credits. Prerequisite: Open to sophomores or higher.

Topics in contemporary Asian American art and visual culture, 1960’s to present.

3221. Sociological Perspectives on Asian American Women

(Also offered as SOCI 3221.) Three credits. Prerequisite: Open to juniors or higher. Purkayastha

An overview of social structures, inter-group relations, and women’s rights, focusing on the experience of Asian American women. CA 4.

3222. Asian Indian Women: Activism and Social Change in India and the United States

(Also offered as HRTS 3573 and SOCI 3222.) Three credits. Prerequisite: SOCI 1001, 1251, or 1501; open to juniors or higher.

How gender, class and ethnicity/race structure everyday lives of Asian Indian women in both India and the United States.

3295. Special Topics in Asian American Studies

Credits and hours by arrangement. With a change in content, may be repeated for credit. Prerequisites and recommended preparation vary; open to juniors or higher.

3375. Indian Art and Popular Culture: Independence to the Present

(Also offered as ART 3375 and INDS 3375.) Three credits. Prerequisite: Open to juniors or higher. Myers

An interdisciplinary lecture/studio art course introducing diverse forms of Indian Art from the traditional through the contemporary. Students complete either research or studio art assignments responding to course content. CA 1. CA 4-INT.

3473. Asian-Pacific American Families

(Also offered as HDFS 3473.) Three credits.

Overview of social, cultural, educational, demographic and economic characteristics of Asian-Pacific American families. Examination and critique of values, customs, traditions and beliefs that distinguish families of this heterogeneous ethnic population.

3531. Japanese Americans and World War II

(Also offered as HIST 3531.) Three credits. Buckley

The events leading to martial law and executive order 9066, the wartime experience of Japanese Americans, and national consequences. CA 1. CA 4.

3578. Asian-American Experience Since 1850

(Also offered as HIST 3530.) Three credits. Chan

Survey of Asian-American experiences in the United States since 1850. Responses by Asian-Americans to both opportunities and discrimination.

3808. East Asia to the Mid-Nineteenth Century

(Also offered as HIST 3808.) Three credits.

The major problems and issues of traditional Chinese and Japanese history and historiography. Special emphasis on the “Great Tradition” in ideas of both civilizations.

3809. East Asia Since the Mid-Nineteenth Century

(Also offered as HIST 3809.) Three credits.

The reactions of East Asia to the Western threat, and the rise of Asian nationalism, communism, and fascism. Special attention to the tensions caused by the conflict of ideas.

3812. Modern India

(Also offered as HIST 3812.) Three credits. Buckley

An introduction to the history of India from the Mughal and European invasions of the 16th century to the present. India’s synthesis of Eastern and Western culture, traditional and new, will be the focus.

3998. Variable Topics

Three credits. Prerequisites and recommended preparation vary; open to juniors or higher. With a change in topic, may be repeated once for credit.

4999. Independent Study

Credits, not to exceed 3 per semester, and hours by arrangement. Prerequisite: Open to juniors or higher; open only with consent of instructor. With a change of subject, this course may be repeated for credit.