UConn Workshop: The Politics of Land and the Polemics of Urbanization

Workshop: The Politics of Land and the Polemics of Urbanization

May 13, 2017 / OAK HALL Room 438

This one-day workshop features papers and presenters whose work highlights the centrality of land with regard to economic development, food security, and social stability. To wit, arable land preservation, urbanization, and land-led social unrest increasingly become the primary concerns for the state actors at all levels; land requisition, land-taking compensation negotiation, and land disputes constantly dominate everyday life of rural residents, particularly those living in the suburb areas. As a result, land provides a uniquely valuable window to examine the interaction between the state actors and between the state and society in the process of economic development.

Each presenter will circulate an original paper in advance of the workshop, which will be open to UConn students, staff and faculty. Presenters should be prepared to use the first ten minutes of their allotted time to introduce the paper and raise questions meant to guide the conversation. Attendees will be required to register for the workshop. The intent of the workshop is to generate a thoughtful and provocative discussion about the role of land in the making of contemporary states and policy.

This workshop is made possible by the generous sponsorship of the India Studies Program.

Conveners:                      Meina Cai and Prakash Kashwan

Invited Moderator:        Roy Kamphausen, Senior Advisor for East Asia (UConn Office of Global Affairs)

SCHEDULE  /  Schedule At A Glance

1000 – 1030 AM           Meet and Greet (Coffee at 1015)

1030 – 1230 PM             SESSION I

“Urbanization, Land Taking and Democratic Retrogression in China: Evidence from Village Elections” / Fubing Su, Associate Professor of Political Science, Vassar College

“Political Trust, Risk Preferences, and Land-Taking Compensation: Evidence from Survey Experiments in China”  /  Meina Cai, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Asian/Asian American Studies, University of Connecticut

1230 – 100 PM             Catered Boxed Lunch

100 – 300 PM               SESSION II

“Turning Farmers into Landlords: Land Commercialization and Its Social Impacts in Rural China” / Jin Zeng, Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations, Florida International University

“Public Sector Governance and the Quality of Private Property Rights”  /  Ilia Murtazashvili, Assistant Professor of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh

300 – 315 PM               Coffee Break

315 – 515 PM               SESSION III

“Business Interests, The State, and The Politics of Land Policy in India”  /  Rob Jenkins, Professor of Political Science, Hunter College

“India’s Land Acquisition Policy Paradoxes: A Bargaining Perspective”  /  Prakash Kashwan, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Connecticut

Workshop Abstracts