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Mission Statement

Founded in 1993, the Asian American Studies Institute is a leading East Coast multidisciplinary research and teaching program that reflects the heterogeneity of both Asian American Studies and Asian America. Although the primary focus of the Institute is upon experiences of people of Asian ancestry in America, attention is also given to the study of Asia, since Asia informs the Asian American experience. This transnational orientation is reflected through the Institute’s research initiatives, teaching, and community outreach. The Institute encourages students to explore the ways in which race, gender, and class are shaped by immigration histories, social inequalities, changing global dynamics and shifting border politics.

The Asian American Studies Institute fosters scholarly work on human rights, community identity formation, and the arts through interdisciplinary engagements and collaborations. Dr. Cathy Schlund-Vials is the Institute’s Director.

The Asian American Studies Institute has nationally recognized holdings on the Japanese American Internment and the Fred Ho Collection. The Institute has proudly hosted a number of national initiatives (including "East of California," "History and Politics of Filipino Americans," and a conference focused on Nepali Women). The Institute’s commitment to community engagement is apparent in its programming, such as the annual Nazrul Conference and " Day of Remembrance" Lecture.

The Institute offers a minor in Asian American Studies and cross-lists courses with several departments.